Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Brother & Sister Stores Combine

We know you love having a space to shop just for your boys.  We've received so many requests for combined shopping, however, that we wanted to make it a little easier to shop for all your children at once.  SO, we've moved our boys new arrivals to our sister store, Everything But The Princess.  Don't panic - all your favorites are there, and you can continue to shop the Little King Outlet for sale items.  This way, you can shop for all your kids, with convenient combined shipping at only $6.50 per order - of any size!  Why not visit our Boys Department at EBTP and see what's new for this season?  We have a fresh selection of suits from Appaman for Easter, weddings and all your summer gatherings.  Plus swimwear, funky tees and more.  See you there!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Stylish Suits and Easter Outfits for Boys

Choosing Easter outfits for your boys is a holiday highlight.  Dressing up those little darlings for Easter celebrations can be all kinds of fun, and you can have a great time imagining what they will look like in their special day outfits.  Follow these simple tips to get the most from your Easter look and spend the day having fun with family and friends, and not fussing over clothing.

Appaman Light Khaki Suit and Standard Shirt
1.  Select attire based on the day's activities.  Are you going to church?  Choose apparel that matches the formality of the service.  New church or haven't been in a while?  Why not call the church office to find out how formal the service is and if the children's service will include crafts or other activities that might influence apparel choices.  If it’s a more formal affair, a shirt and tie is appropriate, and don’t forget the belt!  If it’s casual, try a stylish tee under his jacket and finish with Vans or Converse for a funky, fashionable look.  Or go with lightweight slacks and a trendy, collared shirt.  Be sure to consider footwear, jackets and accessories.  A new suit with holey sneakers isn't really the look you're going for.

Going to brunch?  Just as with church, choose an outfit that will be comfortable and easy to wear in a brunch setting.  How about an Easter egg hung?  Egg rolls and Easter egg hunts are fun for the whole family.  Choose comfortable shoes that are appropriate for the setting, for example if he will be running around in the grass, he will want flexible shoes with good traction.

Grey and White looks crisp and clean
3 Pommes Chic Bermudas and Layered Polo
2.  Choose an outfit that's appropriate for the weather.  Easter time varies from year to year, and spring weather can be quite chilly or very warm.  If it's chilly, don't fret - simply make sure to pair a casual blazer or jacket or a sweater vest that matches his pants or shorts to keep him warm on top.  Legs are surprisingly resistant to cold - especially boys' legs.  I love those cute little trouser shorts on the little boys, as they are both dapper and traditional. If it's going to be warm, nice shorts and short-sleeved shirts are perfect for Easter. 

3.  Choose spring colors and materials.  After dreary days, our hearts lighten at the first peeks of spring weather, and we want to dress accordingly!  Even if it's overcast, lighter colors and fabrics evoke the spirit of Eastertide:  rebirth and renewal.  Whether it's a soft grey suit, linen trousers or bright, cheerful shirts and accessories, keep it light and happy.  If you will be attending a formal event, linen or lightweight wool is appropriate.  If it will be a casual affair, cotton is versatile and easy to care for, and linen is still a great choice.  (Did I mention I LOVE linen on boys??)  A word about linen:  many young boys haven't had the opportunity to own any linen or hemp clothing.  My own son, loves linen best, as it's soft, flexible and breathable.  Never fear the wrinkles.  No one will care, as linen always has a few wrinkles, and he will be comfortable all day.

Kingston Rossdale in Appaman
Mist 2pc Mod Suit with Vans
4.  Consider the child.  Is he a very active boy, running laps around everyone at the party and practicing his stage dives?  Or is he a low-key kid, content to keep off his knees and engage in conversation and games?  Perhaps he'd be more comfortable in a hawaiian shirt and trousers, or maybe he likes to get attention in a real bow tie.  If's he's still potty training or in diapers, choose pants that are easy to get on and off, to avoid trouble with dressing.  Plenty of chinos and trousers are available with elastic waists for little boys that want to dress "all by myself."

I never worried about dry cleaning or care - let them have fun on this special day.  The whole point of having nice things is to use them.  (Heck, I throw all that linen and merino in the washer...shhh!!)  Your washing machine or dry cleaner can fix up whatever he can dish out.  And if it can't?  So what?  They are boys.  No one expects them to be perfect all the time.  :-)  That said, will you worry all day about that white linen shirt or beige suit jacket?  If you are concerned about damage to a fancy outfit, simply choose one made of durable and washable fabrics, in a slightly darker color (or brighter-think blue or red) and spend the day carefree.  Who wants to worry about his clothes on Easter Sunday?

Trilby Hat from Fore!! Axel & Hudson
5.  Accessorize!  Have a great time choosing one of this season's super-stylish furnishings for boys.  Bow ties and suspenders can be found in most shops these days, and for heaven's sake don't forget his hat and belt!  Choose age-appropriate items with a grown up feel to make him feel special.  Choose shoes that are dressy if you wish, but more casual styles can also be worn if they make a fashion statement, such as classic checkered Vans or Converse with a suit.

6.  Don't forget about your boys!  Little girls shouldn't get to have all the fun.  Choose a pretty dress for yourself and any little girls in the family, and don't let the men off the hook!  A family is a unit, and everyone shold dress appropriately for the occasion.  If boys make a fuss and don't want to dress up, perhaps you just haven't found the right style for them yet.  I've noticed a number of boys really turn around when they see how stylish they look and how much more comfortable slacks are than jeans.  Boys look fantastic in a suit, and inexpensive options from modern designers like Appaman (a personal favorite) are undeniably cool.  Choose a light colored suit, like camel or grey for Easter, or even a jacket and shorts if the weather is warm. 
Mayoral Navy Blazer

7.  Have fun!  Once you’ve got it all picked out, put it on and head out!  Easter is a time of rebirth, a time for a cheerful look and outlook.

The Little King Boutique has a great selection of casual outfits and Formalwear  for boys.